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What Medicare doesn't cover can cost a lot.

Reduce high out-of-pocket cost of Medicare
with a Medicare Advantage or Supplement plan.

Out-of-pocket limit, drugs, dental, vision & hearing with many plans.
$0 premium for many plans.
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Original Medicare - Your cost in 2024
Costs are per person. Husband and wife enroll in their own Medicare and private plan.

Part A - Hospital Insurance:
 - Premium: $0. More if you didn't work enough.
 - Deductible: $1,632 per benefit period. Can have multiple benefit periods in a year.
 - Coinsurance: $0/day (days 1-60), $408/day (days 61-90), longer stay is much more.

Part B - Medical Insurance:
 - Premium: $174.70 per month minimum. Higher earners pay more.
 - Deductible: $240 per year.
 - Coinsurance: 20% of the approved cost paid by you.

Part D - Prescription Drug Program:
- Premium: $0. Higher earners pay more.
 - Deductible: Not applicable.
 - Must also enro
ll in a private drug plan or get it with a private Medicare Advantage Plan.

Prescription Drugs: Not covered by Original Medicare. Enroll in private drug plan described above.

Dental, Vision & Hearing: Not covered by Original Medicare. Enroll in private plans or get with a private Medicare Advantage Plan.

Total Out-of-Pocket Cost: No limit with Original Medicare.
Solution to the high cost of Original Medicare:

Click on the plans below:

Coverage and Extra Benefits with most plans:
Low or no out-of-pocket cost.
Out-of-pocket annual maximum.
Prescription drugs covered.
Dental covered.
Vision covered.
Hearing exams & hearing aids.
Free athletic club membership.
Free over-the-counter products.

Free healthy food gift card.
Free transportation.

Your Next Steps:

Step 1:
Apply for Original Medicare with the Social Security Administration at their local office or on their website at by clicking this link:

Step 2:

Make a list of your doctors and drugs.

Step 3:

Learn which plans cover your doctors and drugs by calling us.

Marty Slaught is the owner of Partners in Medicare and will help you learn about the high out-of-pocket cost of Original Medicare and reduce your costs by enrolling you in a Medicare Advantage Plan or Medicare Supplement Plan that's right for you.

Marty Slaught is a licensed insurance broker and certified by the major insurance companies to enroll you in a Medicare Advantage Plan or Supplement Plan.
Call 303-809-2968
We do not offer every plan available in your area. Any information we provide is limited to those plans we do offer in your area. Contact or 1-800-Medicare to get information on all your options.
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